About Us

We’re a …

Bliss Summit is a non-denominational Christian Camp and retreat facility conveniently located in the heart of Wyoming County, NY. We are passionate about sharing the gospel with each camper we meet and to help them have growth in their Christian walk. Our mission is three-fold: Evangelism, Growth, and Service. All of our staff and volunteers will use Scripture, relationships, and creative programming to guide children and young adults along their spiritual journey.

We believe that the camping atmosphere that is offered at Bliss Summit is an exciting way to help complete our mission. We desire that our programming and facilities will enable individuals to get away from life’s distractions and focus on God. We also open the camp for groups to host their own retreat when the camp is not in use.

Bliss Summit is a ministry of BCM International.


Apryl Weixlmann Bliss Summit Director


Apryl Weixlmann started as the director at Bliss Summit Bible Camp in January 2017 when she became a full time missionary with BCM International.

God gave Apryl a heart for camp ministry since she first attended Bliss at the age of 11. By 16, realizing God had given her a passion for spreading the gospel through camp ministry, she had decided she was going to be a camp director one day! She has other responsibilities throughout the year, but camp ministry is by far her favorite and the one that she sees God working in the most.

One of her favorite parts of camp is before breakfast, as the staff gather in a circle to pray for the day, while the campers are led in silly cheers and exercises. She loves worshiping the Lord in prayer, while listening to them be kids, just as God created them to be.

She and her husband, Joshua, met at Bliss Summit as teenagers and will be married for 12 years in October 2021. They have one son, Levi, who is 10 years old, and a daughter, Ellie, who is almost 9 years old. Their church, Central Baptist Church, is also where their children attend school, through their K-12 program. And where she also is a teacher for the second grade class.

Our Story

In October of 1976, a Christian farmer invited Mr. Hirt, director of Bible Club Movement, to come and view a property that he believed the Lord was leading him to donate to Bible Club for the development of a camp. In January 1977, the property was officially transferred, and the Lord opened a new door to Christian camping in western New York. The property consists of about 55 acres of open field and 25 acres of wooded land. Centrally located around 60 miles from both Buffalo and Rochester and easily accessible from both Route 78 and Route 39 makes this the perfect location. The property is well-secluded by woods and farmland and within easy walking distance of the 300-acre county forest. Much of the open field was already level and well-suited for sports, and there were also steep hills for winter sports and summer water sliding.

Construction began in late April 1977. Over 4000 tons of gravel were used. A farm near the camp made a gravel pit available to us, so the only expense was the actual hauling and grading. As soon as the road was usable, the well-driller came and, after much prayer behind the drill, an excellent well was located. This well is able to meet all the State’s capacity required. We thank God for seeing that this need was met so abundantly. Not only did God supply a good well, but he went beyond that – it is located right where it was needed: on the corner of the kitchen.

The two buildings essential for holding camp this summer were a dining hall and a bathhouse. Materials were supplied at a greatly reduced cost. In late May, construction began on the buildings. By the end of July, the buildings were ready. God continued to provide, and it was not long before gas, electric, and sewer were all installed and ready to use. Games were received by a local arcade that was going bankrupt, supplies were donated, and even tents were provided. Late summer of 1977 camp could finally open!

Bliss Summit Bible Camp is still a part of BCM International. Due to BCM’s expanded ministry, the name was changed to Bible Centered Ministries International. You can learn about BCM’s global ministry at https://bcmintl.org/who-we-are.

Bliss continues to be passionate about sharing the Gospel with each camper we meet! Our mission is three-fold: Evangelism, Growth, and Service. All of our staff and volunteers will use Scripture, relationships, and creative programming to guide children and young adults along their spiritual journey. We also open the camp for groups to host their own retreat when the camp is not in use.

We Believe

Core Values:

  • We are committed to hold the Word of God central in all that we do.
  • We are committed to creating environments that lead to decision making encounters with the God of the universe.
  • We are committed to instilling family values, a sense of belonging, and emotional security.
  • We are committed to training our staff in biblical knowledge, ministry advancement, leadership, and practical life knowledge.
  • We are committed to ministering the grace and hope of our Lord Jesus Christ to everyone who we come in contact with.
  • We are committed to reaching every child possible, regardless of race, creed, financial situation, social status, etc…

Statement of Faith:

  • We believe in the Word of God – verbally inspired and inerrant in the original writings.
  • We believe in the total depravity of man.
  • We believe in the incarnation, deity, vicarious atonement, resurrection, and imminent coming again of our Lord Jesus.
  • We believe that salvation is the gift of God, received by personal faith in Jesus Christ as Lord.
  • We believe that God has called all believers to a life of holiness.
  • We believe that the command of Jesus Christ to preach the Gospel to every person is still each believer’s responsibility.