BaTL Application 2017

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    Weeks you can commit to (partial participation will be considered, but preference will be given to students who are able to come for the whole summer as each week builds on what was learned the previous weeks):
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    Please list the ways you have helped people this last year and describe what you learned from these experiences.
    Please let us know what you hope to get out of your time with us this summer.
    Returning students only - Please describe the things you learned last year that you have seen impact your life.
    Returning students only - Please describe the things you learned last year that have been hard to put into practice in your life.

    Spiritual Questionnaire
    How and when did you come to accept Christ as master of your life? Be specific.
    How has God been working in your life this past year?
    How would you describe the group of teens you hang out with? Why do you hang out with this particular group?

    Please provide the name, phone number, and mailing address of someone in spiritual authority over you (pastor, youth pastor, ministry leader) who you have asked to be a reference for you.
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    Thank you for your interest in the Be a Teen Leader program at Bliss Summit Bible Camp. We look forward to a summer of self discovery, new friendships, and a lot of fun.

    BaTL (Be a Teen Leader) is a two year program which runs for 5 weeks each summer. The program trains those of ages 14 and 15 to be young leaders who will strengthen the Church and their community. Therefore, we are looking for applicants who show great potential to return home and make an impact in their local community groups.

    Upon acceptance, you will work with our staff and your peers to explore your individual strengths and limitations through group discussions, minimal lectures, conflict resolution, and many new experiences. You will have to work with others with different backgrounds, personalities, strengths, and weaknesses to accomplish extremely difficult tasks. Some will require strength and some a sharp mind but all will require teamwork.

    The cost of the program is $180. We encourage those accepted to the program to speak with their church about sponsoring them for the summer both as a commitment towards seeing them grow and develop personally and as an investment toward their future involvement in the church.

    No application decisions will be made until May 1, but preference will be given to applications submitted before that date. Applicants will be accepted on a rolling basis thereafter.

    Bliss Summit Bible Camp is a ministry of:

    BCM International, Inc.
    201 Granite Run Dr., Suite 260
    Lancaster, PA 17610

    If you have any questions, please contact:

    Bliss Summit Bible Camp - 585-322-9975 (call or text)

    For those who participate in the BaTL program for the full five weeks, the cost of attending teen week as a camper will be only $50. Those who participate for less than the full 5 weeks will receive a discount of $25 per week that they participated.

    Disclaimer and Acknowledgements

    I have read and fully understand all questions requested in this application. I certify that all answers given by me are accurate and complete. I understand that the completion and/or execution of this application does not ensure me a spot, nor does it obligate me or Bliss Summit Bible Camp/BCM International (the organization) in any way. I fully understand that the omission and/or misrepresentation of facts requested may be cause for immediate dismissal without prior notice.

    I authorize the organization to contact the reference listed and I release him/her from liability for providing this information. I understand that information concerning my reference will be treated in a confidential manner and only those individuals with a legitimate need to know will have access to this information.

    If accepted for the Be a Teen Leader (BaTL) program, I agree to contact my church about partnering with me this summer though prayer, continued education, and ministry opportunities.

    If accepted I further agree to enter into all aspects of the program (chores, lectures, activities, discussions, games, debriefings, etc.) whole-heartedly, responsibly, and with a good attitude.

    I understand that the cost of the program is $180/summer. I know that if I'm accepted I am encouraged to speak with my church about sponsoring me for the summer both as a commitment towards seeing me grow and develop personally and as an investment toward my future involvement in the church. If the church does not choose to sponsor me, however, I understand that I am responsible for this fee.

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