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What is BaTL?

BaTL (Be a Teen Leader) is a two year program which runs for 5 weeks each summer. The program trains those aged 14 and 15 to be young leaders who will strengthen their Church and community. Therefore, we are looking for applicants who show great potential to return home and make an impact in their local community.
Upon acceptance, they will work with our staff and their peers to explore their individual strengths and limitations through group discussions, minimal lectures, conflict resolution, and many new experiences. They will have to work with others with different backgrounds, personalities, strengths, and weaknesses to accomplish extremely difficult tasks. Some will require strength and some a sharp mind but all will require teamwork.

Sponsor Partnership:

We believe that a vital component of the BaTL program is the sponsor’s wholehearted investment in their student’s growth, and a commitment to place them in a ministry of the sponsoring church upon their return from Bliss Summit Bible Camp.
Our goal is that the relationship built with the sponsoring church or ministry leader will help the student be recognized as an active contributor to the various ministries of the church and help them find a place to use their individual gifts to serve where they will have the greatest impact for the kingdom of God.
We encourage students entering the program to ask their church to partner with them this summer. This partnership could include the church sponsoring them for part or all of the $180 fee for the summer.

For more information, contact us by phone at 585-322-9975 or by email at

Download Application Now!